Introducing me, myself & i


In 1988, in the warm summer of a quiet and peaceful village in North Lebanon, far away from the ruckus and confusion of the city, Wassim was born. Overwhelmed by the charm and beauty of nature, and surrounded by apricot and apple trees that decorated the area with mixtures of green, orange, and red, Wassim grew up and absorbed the harmony of the surrounding to become an art fanatic.

In his early childhood, Wassim used to amuse his eyes by the colorful pages of drawing books and to entertain himself in the world of paintings and paper shapes. His talent was so distinguished that one of his art teachers once asked him to redraw a painting so that she believes it was done by him. Wassim then moved to the city to be close to his high school and his subsequent university. There, oppressed by noise and pollution, Wassim realized that it was time to choose art as a path and a refuge rather than a profession. He noticed his deep inclination to portray cars in different designs, and he wished he could become a car designer; yet, unfortunately, some complications stood in the way. However, Wassim’s craving for art could not be hushed that easily. He went to the Lebanese International University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design after gaining the Dean’s distinction. He also felt a strong passion for the realm of cinema and TV and went on to earn a Diploma in directing movies and series from ‘Drama Academy’. In his undergraduate stage, Wassim’s talent was noted by several employers and he was once the program manager in a radio station and an art director in ‘Alkimma Media Group’. He also participated in the Exhibition of Art and Design sponsored by the Lebanese International University in 2011 and also earned the Diploma of ‘Extraordinary Memory’ granted by ‘Edarat Alhayat Center’. Wassim is now an art director and a graphic designer working on individual projects ranging from designing websites, to branding and advertising campaigns.

Wassim’s art work stands high and unique among all projects, and he is now a professional photographer, a trainer and a tutor for those interested in Adobe products. Wassim, who adopts “less is more” as a motto, belongs to the school of Minimalism which seeks beauty in simplicity.